Cooking class in Tuscany

Prepare a full Tuscan menu, from appetizers to desserts

During the cooking class, you will have the chance to prepare a full Tuscan menu, from appetizers to desserts. You will learn how to make bruschetta, fresh pasta such as pappardelle or tagliatelle, homemade sauces like ragu or pesto, and delicious meat or vegetable dishes such as bistecca alla fiorentina or ribollita. You will also make a typical Tuscan dessert, such as tiramisu or cantucci with vin santo.

The class will be hands-on, with the chef guiding you through each step of the cooking process. You will learn techniques and tips that will help you recreate the dishes at home. After the cooking is done, you will sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor, accompanied by local wines and artisanal bread. In addition to cooking, our cooking class offers an immersive culinary experience.

We can arrange visits to local markets where you can pick fresh ingredients and learn about the local produce. You can also opt for a wine tasting session, where you will sample Tuscan wines and learn about the different varieties and production techniques. Our cooking class takes place in a beautiful Tuscan farmhouse, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards.

The setting is peaceful and picturesque, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the Tuscan atmosphere. Whether you are a novice cook or a seasoned chef, this class is suitable for all skill levels. By the end of the class, not only will you have learned how to cook authentic Tuscan dishes, but you will also have gained a deeper understanding of the Tuscan food culture and the importance of using fresh, local ingredients. This cooking class is a unique opportunity to truly experience the soul of Tuscany through its food.