Florence Artisan Tour

The mystery and mastery of the best artisans in Florence

Discover the “mystery and mastery” of the best artisans in Florence, who, through the magic of their craft, will transport you to a wonderful world that for centuries has been the crown jewel of the history and culture of the city. Mosaics, jewels, papermaking, and leatherworking are just some of the most renowned local artisanal productions you will get acquainted with.

You will visit the Oltrarno, a place where for centuries immemorial artisans have crafted goods fit for kings, queens, and high society. Among the narrow alleys filled with long-established boutiques, you will be welcomed inside the workshops of milliners, tanners, bookbinders, and jewelers, where you will get a chance not only to observe these skilled artisans at work, but also get a first-hand experience in the processes leading to the creation of these masterpieces.

Our expert tour guide will narrate the numerous local traditions and of the social and historic role these workshops have played, both in the past and in the present day, in the Italian working and cultural scene: a unique way of keeping alive a priceless form of art. Leather Workshop Visit: Florence is known for its high-quality leather goods. Visit a local leather workshop to see how artisans create beautiful leather bags, shoes, and other accessories. You can also learn about the traditional techniques used in leather craftsmanship.

Ceramics Studio: Florence has a rich history of ceramic production. Visit a ceramics studio to see artists at work, creating stunning pottery pieces. You can also try your hand at painting your own ceramic item under the guidance of a local artist.

Paper Marbling: Florence is famous for its marble paper, known as "Florentine paper." Visit a paper marbling workshop to learn the ancient technique of creating intricate patterns on paper using swirling pigments. You can even try your hand at marbling your own paper to take home as a unique souvenir.

Artisanal Perfume Workshop: Florence has a long tradition of perfume making. Visit a local perfume workshop to learn about the art of creating fragrances. You can create your own personalized scent by selecting different essential oils and blending them under the guidance of a master perfumer.

Goldsmith Workshop: Florence is also renowned for its goldsmiths and jewelry makers. Visit a goldsmith workshop to see how artisans create breathtaking gold and silver jewelry pieces. You can learn about the various techniques involved, such as filigree and granulation, and even purchase unique handmade jewelry.