Gelato Class

The secrets of making authentic Italian gelato

During the class, participants will be guided by a chef who will teach them the secrets of making authentic Italian gelato. They will learn about the various ingredients used in gelato, the science behind the freezing process, and the different techniques for creating creamy and flavorful gelato.

The class typically starts with an introduction to the history and tradition of gelato, followed by a demonstration of the gelato-making process. Participants will learn how to make a base gelato mixture, choose and prepare the flavors, and churn the mixture using a gelato machine. After the demonstration, it's time for the participants to put their new knowledge into practice.

They will have the opportunity to make their own gelato from scratch, experimenting with different flavors, mix-ins, and textures. The instructor will be there to provide guidance and answer any questions along the way. Once the gelato is ready, participants can enjoy their creations together and compare flavors.

They will also receive a recipe booklet to take home, so they can continue making gelato on their own. Overall, the Gelato Class experience offers a fun and interactive way to learn about the art of gelato-making. It is perfect for gelato enthusiasts, foodies, or anyone looking for a unique culinary experience.