Off the beaten path wine tour

Explore hidden gems and lesser-known vineyards

If you're a wine enthusiast looking for a unique wine experience, our Off the Beaten Path Wine Tour is perfect for you. This tour takes you away from the traditional wine regions and allows you to explore hidden gems and lesser-known vineyards.

The tour begins with a comfortable and scenic drive through countryside, taking you off the beaten path and into charming small towns and picturesque landscapes. As you travel, our knowledgeable driver will share interesting anecdotes and insights about the region's winemaking history and the unique characteristics of each vineyard you'll visit.

Unlike the crowded and popular wine regions, these hidden vineyards offer a more intimate and personalized wine tasting experience. You'll have the opportunity to meet passionate winemakers who are dedicated to crafting exceptional wines using traditional techniques and sustainable practices.

Throughout the tour, you'll visit 3 different wineries and you’ll enjoy tastings of a diverse selection of wines, including lesser-known grape varieties and unique blends that are exclusive to these off the beaten path vineyards.You’ll appreciate the different flavors, aromas, and nuances of each wine and you’ll enjoy a typical tuscan lunch in one of these wineries.

In addition to visiting vineyards, this tour also includes a stop in a village where you can sample a variety of typical products and learn about the culture and the history.

As the day comes to an end, you'll return with a newfound appreciation for the hidden treasures and unique wines of the off the beaten path wine regions. This tour is perfect for wine lovers who seek a more authentic and off-the-beaten-path experience, away from the typical tourist crowds.