Siena Food Tour

The gastronomic tour will take you to the heart of Siena's food traditions

The gastronomic tour will take you to the heart of Siena's food traditions, allowing you to explore and taste the flavors that have been celebrated for centuries. As you wander through the alleys of the city, you'll be captivated by the enticing aroma of freshly baked pastries. You'll also witness local shops bustling with activity as they prepare traditional dishes.

Accompanied by an expert gastronomic guide, you'll embark on a culinary journey, venturing beyond the tourist hotspots to discover hidden gems. You'll have the opportunity to taste some of the world-famous local delicacies, such as Pecorino cheese, a delicious sheep's milk cheese that is synonymous with the region. The guide will introduce you to Salame Toscano, a Tuscan salami made with prime cuts of pork and seasoned with local herbs. You'll be able to savor the flavor of homemade bread, crafted with love and care by local bakers.

Of course, no visit to Siena would be complete without indulging in gelato, and you'll be treated to some of the finest in the city. You'll also have the chance to sample Chianti wine, an iconic Tuscan red wine known for its bold and fruity characteristics. And save room for some typical Sienese sweets, such as Panforte, a rich and dense fruitcake with a hint of spices, and Ricciarelli, almond-flavored cookies with a soft and chewy texture.

Beyond the delicious food and drink, this culinary adventure will offer you a glimpse into the local lifestyle. You'll discover the hidden spots where Sienese locals gather with friends to enjoy good coffee and a slice of cake. By experiencing the city like a local, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for Siena's rich gastronomic heritage and the history behind its beloved food traditions.